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KBI – Key Business Information pools together complementary expertises to assist companies in protecting and enhancing the value of their daily exchanges of information, which are essential to their business.

KBI’s expertise is based on an in-depth knowledge of your issues at stake:

  • Operations: Innovation, business partners (supply chain, sub-contracting, JV), M&A, specific regulations.
  • Legal: Strategy for the protection, the enhancement and the disclosure of sensitive information (commercial, strategic, personal data, legal privilege, government sensitive information, knowledge management), project management, dispute resolution, risk analysis, provisions.
  • Business: Added value, contract negotiations, sales, distribution, compliance (French anti-corruption law -Sapin II-), reputation.
  • Internal organization: Harmonization of practices and tools, corporate governance, information systems, training of multicultural teams.
  • Risk Management: Risk analysis and management, business continuity, deployment of an Integrated Risk Management System (IRMS), risk mapping.

KBI has a team and a network of experts.


Philippe de Robert Hautequère

“In the age of transparency and permanent exchange of information, companies need support to justify and organize what shall remain confidential”.

Founding partner of KBI – Key Business Information, Philippe has acquired a strong expertise in trade secrets over the years.

He took part in the working group on the transposition of the EU Directive into French law and in the drafting of the practical guide of the Chamber of Commerce of Paris.

He is a speaker at round tables and training sessions for managers and operational staff as well as for general counsels and their teams, juges and external legal counsels: Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature (ENM), Ecole de Formation du Barreau (EFB), Association Française des Juristes d’Entreprise (AFJE), Cercle Montesquieu.

Philippe’s pragmatic approach is the result of his good knowledge of operational and strategic issues at stake in the business. He has worked for 20 years as head of legal or senior legal counsel at Horiba Medical (medium-sized group, healthcare), MBDA Missile Systems (defense), EADS, Airbus (aeronautics).

Philippe has negotiated or managed numerous international contracts and disputes in which the value and the protection of information were essential. He has also deployed organizational and digitalization solutions to facilitate the exchange of information.

Philippe leads the “Managers” Committee and co-leads the coordination committee of experts at AFJE (French in-house counsel association). He is also a member of the Cercle Montesquieu (French General Counsels’ association) and of IFA (French Directors’ institute).

Philippe has Master degrees in business and tax law (DESS, DJCE, Magistère). He is also an expert in corporate asset protection and in business intelligence (IHEMI). In 2020, he wrote a professional thesis on trade secrets and passed the Executive Master General Counsel’s diploma (Strategy & Leadership) at Sciences Po Paris.

Philippe works in English as well as in French.


Lexis-Nexis (2020)

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Mettre en place un Intranet

François-Xavier de Becdelièvre

“Integrating trade secret protection into risk management allows companies to better prioritize their competitive challenges“.

Within the founding team of KBI – Key Business Information, François-Xavier is specialized in corporate risk management (companywide) and business risk management (by business activity or for specific projects).

His approach is transversal and takes into account the day-to-day priorities of companies. It allows him to highlight the points of attention useful for decision-making.

The relevance of his analysis results from his 15 years of practice in complementary fields: external audit, internal audit, financial analysis and compliance. François-Xavier has also deployed an Integrated Risk Management System (IRMS) covering all these areas.

He has worked at Deloitte, Energie Mutuelle (Malakoff Humanis Group), Unédic, and at Défense Conseil International (medium-sized company, defense).

François-Xavier is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). He provides courses on corporate risk management and internal audit at Ecole Normale Supérieure – Paris-Saclay (Master in Management), and on financial analysis at Neoma Business School.

He is a member of the French Institute for Audit and Internal Control (IFACI).

François-Xavier works in English as well as in French.



KBI’s values guide our actions.


  • KBI provides its customers with the knowledge, know-how and experience appropriate to carry out its work.
  • KBI is committed to gaining confidence of its customers and partners in a long-term perspective.


  • KBI serves the interests of its customers with adequate solutions.
  • KBI is responsive and listens to its customers for a better relevance of its proposals and adherence to the projects by the stakeholders. KBI accompanies the change with professionalism and pedagogy.


  • In accordance with compliance requirements, KBI carries out its activity in an ethical way while taking into account social and environmental challenges, independently.
  • KBI pays specific attention to its customers’ confidential information, in particular within the frame of its exchanges with them.


  • KBI helps maintain know-how in France and in Europe, and supports re-industrialization.
  • KBI makes innovation and information flows more reliable for its customers.